What's Next?

It continues to amaze me that qubelets and mega-qubits explain quantum phenomena so remarkably. In fact, in my book, I illustrate how this conceptual model describes other quantum effects such as teleporting and quantum cryptography. In fact, in the appendix, I also show how to analyze the Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, an experiment that defies classical explanation but lends itself to a quantum mechanical analysis.

In teleporting, for example, the traditional mathematical approach masks the raison d'etre of how a quantum state travels from one place to another without any intervening mechanism to transport. In my book, you can see this phenomena with pictures.

With this background of quantum phenomena, you should now get a better idea of the mathematics and the bizarre ideas that underpin quantum computing.


I would like to thank my editor, Brian MacDonald, at Pragmatic Bookshelf for his guidance in helping make the book on which this tutorial is based on exceed what I ever imagined it could be. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to my publisher at the Pragmatic Bookshelf for taking a chance on my and letting me freely develop a method to explain quantum computing that is so diverges from the conventional treatment.