Online DICOM uploader using HTML5 utility - say goodbye to frequent Java updates

Multiple ways to upload studies - Upload from sources such as drive or CD's

Select a folder to upload all valid DICOM's or drag and drop a set of files to the drop zone

All image uploads are over a secure encrypted channel



To upload DICOM's, choose the Organization (Workflow)

Radiologist (User's) are associated to one of them

Upload DICOM's using the utility


With online DICOM uploader, simply open a HTML5 compliant Web browser and choose the appropriate workflow

Select the DICOM folder to upload; DICOM's buried in any sub-folders within this folder will also be uploaded

Web technology allows multiple files to be uploaded asynchronously; upload speed only limited by network bandwidth

Or drag and drop selected files into the drop zone

The images are stored in the cloud

Images are organized by the system according to the study/series as specified  in the DICOM header

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System capable of ingesting DICOM's

Worklist generated from data-base query 

Patients listed by Study Date; additional fields such as Name, Birth-date, Age, Study, Modality and many more are listed for ease of navigation

Patients are searchable; user defined queries can be used to search by name, Patient ID, accession number, birth date, modality, and other DICOM tags

The studies can be viewed directly on the Web browser by clicking the image icon, reported and manipulated by the netVIEWER

Patient studies stored on Microsoft Azure, an industry leading cloud platform


Demo to upload DICOM's over the web

Use your HTML5 compliant Web browser to securely upload DICOM's to the Cloud 


The test was conducted over a wireless network with internet upload speed of 2Mbps

File(s) Size
Number of Images Modality Upload Time
0.76 1 OP 5
1 1 US 7
2.3 1 OP 12
3.9 1 DX 19
4.7 3 CR 23
8.8 1 MG 39
20.1 40 CT 104


Demo to upload 20MB of DICOM images over a wireless connection

Use your HTML5 compliant Web browser to securely upload DICOM's to the Cloud