Lightweight application to view patient studies - Worklist automatically created from uploaded studies

System capable of ingesting DICOM's from modalities or from other sources (i.e. Teleradiology)

Header reader parses and demarcates studies based on Study Instance UID (0020, 000D)

Access your studies as you would on a standard PACS - see the Worklist on any HTML5 enabled Web browser

List demarcated by user groups - only studies the user is authorized to view are available

Workflow processing time optimized enabling instantaneous viewing of uploaded studies - no waiting


The user set-up management enables the Physician to view images only of the organizations he or she is associated with.

A Physician or a user is associated to each of the Groups they belong to. For example, a Physician may belong to multiple Groups. For certain groups , the Physician can be associated and view images belonging only to specific Workflow.

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System capable of ingesting images from modalities or from other sources (i.e. Teleradiology) via DICOM

Worklist generated from data-base query 

Patients listed by Study Date; additional fields such as Name, Birth-date, Age, Study, Modality and many more are listed for ease of navigation

Patients are searchable; user defined queries can be used to search by name, Patient ID, accession number, birth date, modality, and other DICOM tags

The studies can be viewed directly on the Web browser by clicking the image icon, reported and manipulated by the netVIEWER™

Patient studies stored on Microsoft Azure, an industry leading cloud platform


A sample of DICOM tags parsed by the workflow; Tags include Transfer Syntax, Study Instance UID, Patient information, Modality protocol and many more

Tag values are stored in relational database

Queries are run on these tags to generate the Worklist

Workflow with header data stored in relational data-base enables both Operational and Clinical Analytics

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DICOM Attribute DICOM Tag
Study Instance UID (0020,000D)
Series Instance UID (0020,000E)
Transfer Syntax UID (0002,0010)
SOP Instance UID (0008,0018)
Modality (0008,0060)
Manufacturer (0008,0070)
Manufacturer's Model Name (0008,1090)
Patient's Name (0010,0010)
Patient ID (0010,0020)
Patient's Sex (0010,0040)
Patient's Age (0010,1010)
Patient Size (0010,1020)
Patient's Weight (0010,1030)
Referring Physician's Name (0008,0090)
Accession Number (0008,0050)
Study Date (0008,0020)
Study Description (0008,1030)
KVP (0018,0060)
Exposure Time (0018,1150)
Rows (0028,0010)
Columns (0028,0011)
Bits Allocated Ba (0028,0100)
Bits Stored (0028,0101)