Intuitive Workflow Management over the Web - extend your PACS to the web

Manage Groups by Practice

Create Groups based on pre-determined Rules

Upload images to a Group

Any Physician, Organization, Group or User belonging to that group can view the images 


Extend your PACS to the web by deploying HTML5 enabled Web browsers. Use your Web browser to query, retrieve and view DICOM images from anywhere over the Web with zero foot-print deployment

The workflow module is capable to implement user management, permissions and patient access rights. Administrators can manage who can access what from anywhere over the web. See use case examples below

As this is built on Web with platform independent technologies, it requires no local installation or download and uses a single, intuitive user interface—no dedicated applications training required.

Referring physicians and clinicians who need real-time, on-demand access to imaging results and patient data to provide more responsive patient care can over a Web browser; this can also be a platform to deliver information embedded in an EMR portal to provide easy access to imaging data and patient information by on-site or remote clinicians


DICOM can be uploaded from multiple locations
Each Center can have their own Workflow
Only Radiologist can view from all Groups


Imaging centre supports multiple modalities
Workflow per modality
Radiologist by modality


Imaging centre receives Patients from several organizations

Each organization is represented as a Group

Within certain organizations, Physicians review images based on a predetermined Workflow. In such cases, the organization can be split into sub-groups. A Physician can belong to an organization per need. 

The desired organization is selected and data from drive or disc is uploaded over a secure encrypted channel.             


The user set-up management enables the Physician to view images only of the organizations he or she is associated with.

A Physician or a user is associated to each of the Groups they belong to. For example, a Physician may belong to multiple Groups. For certain groups , the Physician can be associated and view images belonging only to specific Workflow.