Diagnostic quality image viewing using a standard Internet browser

View patient studies on Any Device, from Anywhere at Anytime 

Optimized to view securely over limited bandwidth connections including wireless

View Modalities like CT, CR, DX, US and many more over the web browser


Viewer based on HTML5 <canvas> tag is directly integrate with a Storage Server in the Cloud to provide a zero-footprint medical viewer that can be accessed using any web browser

netVIEWER™ requires no installation on clients, and is compatible with any HTML5-compliant Web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, MacOS Safari and more. It is device independent; invoke it over a device of your choice: Windows PC, Mac, iPAD, Android and more

It features a rich user interface within a web browser that offers similar viewing controls like most other medical image viewers. It offers an easy and familiar interface for users to learn, and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Adjacent impression shows a pixel for pixel CR Image of a Wrist


netVIEWER™ offers following tools:

Information window for full DICOM Tag Viewing
Next/Previous Slice
Window Level
Measurements: Linear, Polygonal, Angular
Image download interrupt

Impression in the tablet shows the user enabled function to expand the DICOM view by hiding the thumbnails


Measure angles and distances with built-in tool