Web technology empower's your healthcare workflow to enable fast decisive care for your patients
Provide instant access to medical images to Clinicians in 4 Simple Steps

No hassle, no minimums, no long term contract
Pay-as-you-go model allows you to instantly scale up to what you need
No local infrastructure needed - Say goodbye to your local hardware
Flexible Architecture - Very compatible for reseller opportunities for markets such as Tele-medicine, Emergency and Mobile Healthcare, EMR, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Small Hospitals and Clinics, and many other possibilities

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4 Simple Steps

Log-in using a web browser; choose your Workflow

Upload Study to the Cloud over a secure network

View Study on any device using a web browser

Write Report and upload to the Cloud


Log-in using a web browser
Choose your workflow
Choose the folder that contains the study to upload
Or simply drag and drop specific DICOM's
System generates Worklist  automatically

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Online DICOM uploader using HTML utility - does not require Java

Multiple ways to upload studies - Upload from sources such as drive or CD's

All image uploads are over a secure encrypted channel

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Examine patient studies over a standard Internet browser - no plug-ins
Conforms to Federal Guidelines for diagnostic quality reading of images as Class II device
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Write Reports

HTML5 Utility allows your Web browser to write and save reports

Report stored in Cloud

Available for use immediately


Analytic charts provide key insights and unlocks valuable metrics
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Wide range of modalities supported

CT, CR, MG, MR, PT Ultrasound, X-Ray, and many more


Access your studies as you would on a standard PACS - see the Worklist on any Web browser

Patient Study records automatically created from uploaded images without manual intervention

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Upload and view patient studies securely over VPN less connection
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Cloud storage, query and retrieval tools are available for DICOM’s for a user specified time-frame
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